Distributed Computing Pearls
Gadi Taubenfeld
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Abstract Published: May 8, 2018
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Table of Contents

1. Distributed Computing
2. One Loaf of Bread, Please
3. A Tale of Two Lovers
4. A Night at the Movies
5. The Fall of the Byzantine Empire
6. Sightseeing in Paris
7. Food for Thought
8. All for One and One for All
9. The World is a Playground
10. Getting the Service You Deserve
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Computers and computer networks are one of the most incredible inventions of the 20th century, having an ever-expanding role in our daily lives by enabling complex human activities in areas such as entertainment, education, and commerce. One of the most challenging problems in computer science for the 21st century is to improve the design of distributed systems where computing devices have to work together as a team to achieve common goals.

In this book, I have tried to gently introduce the general reader to some of the most fundamental issues and classical results of computer science underlying the design of algorithms for distributed systems, so that the reader can get a feel of the nature of this exciting and fascinating field called distributed computing. The book will appeal to the educated layperson and requires no computer-related background. I strongly suspect that also most computer-knowledgeable readers will be able to learn something new.


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