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Fiduciary Law: The Duty of Loyalty in the Corporation and in the General Law (Bursi 2013) (in Hebrew)
עמיר ליכט, דיני אמונאות - חובת האמון בתאגיד ובדין הכללי (2013) - תוכן והקדמה - לרכישה

Articles and Book Chapters

Farewell to Fairness: Towards Retiring Delaware’s Entire Fairness Review, Delaware J. Corp. L. (forthcoming) 

Be Careful What You Wish For: How Progress Engendered Regression in Related Party Transaction Regulation in Israel, in The Law and Finance of Related Party Transactions (Luca Enriques & Tobias Tröger, eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

Great Power and Great Responsibility: Contours of Controlling Shareholder Responsibility, in Yoram Danziger Book 663 (Ido Baum & Limor Zer-Guttman, eds., 2019) (in Hebrew: כוח גדול ואחריות גדולה: קווים לאחריותו של בעל שליטה בחברה

Corporate Law of Israel, in The Law of Israel 155 (Christian Walter et al., eds., Hart Publishing, 2019), with Itai Fiegenbaum

Against Fairness: The Absent Place of Fairness in the Duty of Loyalty in Israeli Law, 39 Mishpatim 675 (2018) (in Hebrew - בִּגְנוּת ההגינות: מקומה הנעדר של הגינות בחובת האמון בדין הישראלי)

What Makes the Bonding Stick? A Natural Experiment of the Legal Bonding Hypothesis for U.S. Stock Listing, 129 J. Financial Economics 329 (2018), with Chris Poliquin, Jordan I. Siegel, and Xi Li

Motivation, Information, Negotiation: Why Fiduciary Accountability Cannot be Negotiable, in Research Handbook on Fiduciary Law 159 (Andrew Gold & D. Gordon Smith, eds., Elgar Publishing, 2018)

Culture and Law in Corporate Governance, in Oxford Handbook on Law and Corporate Governance (Jeff Gordon & Gerog Ringe, eds., Oxford University Press, 2018)

Lord Eldon Redux: Information Asymmetry, Accountability, and Fiduciary Loyalty, 37 Oxford J. Legal Stud. 770 (2017)

Duty of Loyalty - When?, in Duties of Loyalty in Israeli Law 35 (Ruth Plato-Shinar & Joshua Segev, Eds., Nevo, 2016) (in Hebrew: חובת אמון - אימתי)

Liability for Transnational Securities Fraud, Quo Vadis?, in Rethinking Global Finance and Its Regulation 250 (Douglas Arner, Emilios Avgouleas, & Ross Buckley, Eds., Cambridge University Press, 2016)

The Name of the Rose: Precautions and Business Judgment of Company Office Holders, 19 Israel J. L. & Bus. 536 (2015) (in Hebrew: שם הוורד: אמצעי זהירות ושיקול דעת עסקי של נושא משרה)

Ambiguity, Softness, and Materiality in the Duty of Full Disclosure, in Yossi Gross Book 107 (Aharon Barak et al. Eds., 2015) (in Hebrew: "ובעמום הוא מחפש את הצלול": עמימות, רכות ומהותיות בחובת הגילוי המלא )

Fiduciary Relations in the Corporation: Duty of Loyalty, 18 Israel J. L. & Bus. 137 (2014) (in Hebrew: יחסי אמונאות בתאגיד: חובת האמון)

Egalitarianism, Cultural Distance, and FDI: A New Approach, 24 Organization Science 1174 (2013), with Jordan I. Siegel and Shalom H. Schwartz

Corporate Governance, in Handbook of Financial Globalization 369 (Gerard Caprio, Ed., Elsevier: Oxford 2013)

State Intervention in Corporate Governance: National Interest and Board Composition, 13 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 597 (2012)

Egalitarianism and International Investment, 102 J. Financial Economics 621 (2011), with Jordan I. Siegel and Shalom H. Schwartz

Shareholders and Stakeholders: How do Directors Decide?, 32 Strategic Management J. 1331 (2011), with Renée B. Adams and Lilach Sagiv

Law for the Common Man: An Individual-Level Theory of Values, Expanded Rationality, and the Law, 74 L. & Contemporary Problems 175 (2011)

BITs and Pieces of Property, 36 Yale J. Int’l L. 115 (2011), with Amnon Lehavi

Rationality, Values, and the Law: Toward a Unified Framework, 12 Israel J. L. & Bus. 117 (2010) (in Hebrew: רציונליות, ערכים ומשפט: לקראת מסגרת מאחדת)

Entrepreneurial Motivations, Culture, and the Law, in Entrepreneurship and Culture 11 (Andreas Freytag & Roy Thurik, Eds., Berlin: Springer, 2010)

Expanded Rationality: From the Preferred to the Desirable, with Some Implications for Law, 35 Queen’s L.J. 245 (2009)

Winner of the Queen's Law Journal's David Watson Award 2011.

Social Norms and the Law: Why Peoples Obey the Law, 4 Rev. L. & Econ. 715 (2008)

Culture Rules: The Foundations of the Rule of Law and Other Norms of Governance, 35 J. of Comparative Econ. 659-688 (2007), with Chanan Goldschmidt and Shalom H. Schwartz    

Winner of the Montias Prize 2009 for the best paper published in the Journal of Comparative Economics in the previous two years.

Eminent Domain, Inc., 107 Columbia L. Rev. 1704 (2007), with Amnon Lehavi

The Entrepreneurial Spirit and What the Law Can Do about It, 28 Comparative Labor L. & Policy J. 817 (2007)

Trust, Honesty, and Business Culture: The Destructive Role of Economics in Obfuscating Basic Legal Concepts: A Comment on Frankel, 5 Israel J. L. & Bus. 151 (2006) (in Hebrew: אמון, יושר ותרבות עסקית)

Social Dimensions of Entrepreneurship, in The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship 511 (Mark Casson et al., Eds., Oxford University Press 2006), with Jordan Siegel  

Culture, Law, and Corporate Governance, 25 Int’l Rev. L. & Econ. 229 (2005), with Chanan Goldschmidt and Shalom H. Schwartz

Use of Eminent Domain for Profitable Projects: A Proposal for a Corporate Model, 29 Tel-Aviv U. Stud. L. 99 (2005), with Amnon Lehavi (in Hebrew: הפקעת מקרקעין ליעודים נושאי-רווח: הצעה למודל תאגידי)

The Maximands of Corporate Governance: A Theory of Values and Cognitive Style, 29 Delaware J. Corp. L. 649 (2004)

The Objectives of the Corporation, 1 Israel J. L. & Bus. 173 (2004) (in Hebrew: תכליות החברה)

Legal Plug-Ins: Cultural Distance, Cross-Listing, and Corporate Governance Reform, 22 Berkeley J. Int’l L. 159 (2004)

Cross-Listing and Corporate Governance: Bonding or Avoiding?, 4 Chicago J. Int’l L. 141 (2003)

Dual Listing of Securities, 32 Mishpatim 561 (2002) (in Hebrew: רישום כפול של ניירות ערך)

David’s Dilemma: A Case Study of Securities Regulation in a Small Open Market, 3 Theoretical Inquiries L. 673 (2001)

Managerial Opportunism and Foreign Listing: Some Direct Evidence, 22 U. Pa J. Int’l Econ. L. 325 (2001)

Stock Exchange Mobility, Unilateral Recognition, and the Privatization of Securities Regulation, 41 Virginia J. Int’l L. 583 (2001)

The Mother of All Path Dependencies: Toward a Cross-Cultural Theory of Corporate Governance Systems, 26 Delaware J. Corp. L. 147 (2001)

Genie in a Bottle? Assessing Managerial Opportunism in International Securities Transactions, 2000 Columbia Bus. L. Rev. 51

Games Commissions Play: 2x2 Games of International Securities Regulation, 24 Yale J. of Int’l L. 61 (1999)

International Diversity in Securities Regulation: Roadblocks on the Way to Convergence, 20 Cardozo L. Rev. 227 (1998)

Regulatory Arbitrage for Real: International Securities Regulation in a World of Interacting Securities Markets, 38 Va. J. Int’l. L. 563 (1998)

Country Handbook on Israel, in Kluwer's International Contract Manual (1992) with Michael Fox and Daniel Chinn

Cable Television in Israel: Establishing a New Arena for Freedom of Expression, 16 Tel Aviv U. L. Rev. 97 (1991) (in Hebrew: טלוויזיה בכבלים בישראל: זירה חדשה להתמודדות בסוגית חופש הביטוי)

Professional Legal Journals

Saving the Business Judgment Rule, Orech HaDin (Jun. 2015) (in Hebrew: להציל את שיקול הדעת העסקי)

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as a Director, Orech HaDin (Apr. 2014) (in Hebrew: זה-שאין-לנקוב-בשמו כדירקטור)

When the Board Has a Guru, Orech HaDin (Jan. 2013) (in Hebrew: כאשר לדירקטוריון יש גורו)

Insider Trading and Misappropriation, 6(3) Taagidim 31 (2009) (in Hebrew: שימוש במידע פנים וקנייה במשיכה)

Squaring the Eminent Domain Circle: A New Approach to Land Assembly Problems, Land Lines 14 (Jan. 2007), with Amnon Lehavi

The Israeli Securities Authority's Jurisdiction to Regulate Corporate Governance, 2(6) Taagidim 46 (2005) (in Hebrew: סמכות רשות ניירות ערך להסדיר ענייני משטר חברות)

Veil Piercing and Debt Subordination after Amendment No. 3 to the Companies Law: What’s New?, 2(3) Taagidim (2005) (in Hebrew: הרמת מסך והדחיית חוב לאחר תיקון 3 לחוק החברות: מה נשתנה)

Of Materiality and Non-Disclosure, 1(5) Taagidim 3 (2005) (in Hebrew: על מהותיות ואי-גילוי)

The Dual-Listing Regime: A Trojan Horse in the Securities Law? 1(1) Taagidim 39 (2004) (in Hebrew: הסדר הרישום הכפול: סוס טרויאני בחוק ניירות ערך)

Working Papers

Stakeholder Impartiality: A New Classic Approach for the Objectives of the Corporation, European Corporate Governance Institute - Law Working Paper No. 476/2019 (2019)

Shareholders and Stakeholders Around the World: The Role of Values, Culture, and Law in Directors’ Decisions, European Corporate Governance Institute - Law Working Paper No. 459/2019 (2019), with Renée Adams

Accountability and Corporate Governance, working paper (2002)

Stock Market Integration in Europe (Harvard Institute for International Development, CAER II Discussion Paper No. 15 1998)