Udi Boker

Udi Boker

Tel: +972-9-9527690
Office: 122, Computer Science and Communication building, IDC Herzliya, Israel

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I am a faculty member in the school of computer science at the Reichman University, Herzliya, Israel.

Prior to that I was a postdoc in Thomas A. Henzinger's group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria), and in Orna Kupferman's group at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I have done my PhD under the supervision of Nachum Dershowitz at the Tel-Aviv University.


My research interests include formal verification, automata theory, game theory, logic, computational models, and computability.

Teaching These Years

  • Automata and Games
  • Formal Verification
  • Advanced Topics in Logic
  • Logic and Set Theory
  • Logic, Mathematics, and Philosophy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Morality

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